The Crucial Steps To Build An Effective Company Reputation Online

Brook Zimmatore | September 3, 2014


Managing your company’s reputation is increasingly crucial in today’s digital day and age.

And it’s no longer enough to control your image in traditional media.

A faux pas on Yelp or a slip-up in your social media department could bruise your company’s reputation for good.

Before the internet, your company reputation was something that you controlled, not managed. Negative reviews and customer complaints were of limited scope.

Today, every little act of your company can be broadcasted with a bullhorn in the digital world. Even companies that have nothing to do online can have their reputation smeared across the web.

All this indicates that it’s increasingly important to build an effective digital profile for your company to leave visitors and customers with a positive brand perception.

In case you’re struggling with where to start, here are the crucial steps involved in building an effective company reputation online:

Build internet profiles

CEOs, COOs, directors and senior managers have to play a central role to helping a company promote itself online. Their online profiles are a key factor in creating the digital profile and promoting a positive image, as well as win new business and increase company profitability.

If you have an industry leader in your company, utilize his/her skills to promote your organization to a wider audience. Encourage senior executives to create professional profiles to enhance your digital assets. Consider The Right to be Forgotten ruling in case one of the seniors is facing allegations.

Create positive content about your company

Regardless of using your company website, your social media profiles or a third-party website, it is imperative that you regularly create and promote positive content about your company. This step is even more important if there are negative search results about your company brand.

These negative results don’t disappear immediately; all you can do is minimize their visibility by creating positive content. ORM companies that help in building proactive digital assets with media outreach and positive content strategy and development, such as Massive, can help companies out rank and out shadow the negative content faster.

Be proactive on social media

Social media has evolved in the past few years. Companies are now using it to promote their products and brands across the globe, while customers are using it to express themselves.’s report suggest that many high-profile companies have suffered a dent in their reputation from social media activity.

So it is important to create a response strategy on social channels and track your company mentions on different social networks on a regular basis. Reach out and respond to customers directly rather than giving them a chance to set up an independent community to defame your company. The best approach to tackle criticism and negative experiences is to offer help to resolve the problem, and inspire customers to provide positive feedback.

Control your company name in search engines

Take control of your company name on the first few pages of search engine results as it accounts for most of the traffic for the search terms about your company. Having your own results in the first few pages for your company keywords and phrases means traffic is going to come to your web properties directly.

This strategy will also reduce the likelihood of any defamatory material from ranking. Top-tier ORM companies can push the drive towards occupying first page search results by enabling control over your Google news feeds for related searches.

Get better & frequent reviews

Every website that features customer reviews offers a free reputation building opportunity. Make sure your business has good reviews to build a positive presence. New customers could take these reviews as a key factor in judging your reputation online and referring your company to others.

Most successful companies are listed on review sites, local directories and other similar web properties. It is the company’s responsibility to solicit feedback from its satisfied customers.

Once you have accessed your current reputation and take these steps into account, you can easily build a positive image online and then manage the way your company is seen on the web.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.