5 Ways To Clean Up Your Reputation On The Internet

Brook Zimmatore | August 27, 2014


The last few years has seen seismic cultural shifts brought about by new communication channels, digital technologies and non-stop expansion of social networks. This new breed of ‘conversation economy’ has heightened the need for corporations to invest in protecting their reputation and take the information posted about them more seriously.

You don’t have to be an individual to understand the importance of cleaning up your reputation on the internet. You can be an entrepreneur or a large corporation who wants to dictate their image and do not want their corporate identity dragged through the mud.

The breadth and depth today’s reputational control challenge is a consequence not just of the severity, speed and unexpectedness of recent internet expansion but also underlying shifts in reputation environment.

It may seem like the wall of search engine results when you search your company’s name is impossible to control, but there are a few clever things you can do to enforce a positive image and have better control of what people and your competitors see. Here are five ways to clean up your reputation and improve your overall presence online:

Remove negative content

If your organization finds itself a victim of negative reviews that have the potential to significantly harm your reputation, as well as your bottom line, no need to panic. Although removing negative content on search engines, social networks and third-party websites can be frustrating and stressful, it is by no means impossible.

While you can follow the conventional methods to get negative content removed from online databases, such as requesting search engines to remove negative content pages from their results, the process is not viable if you’ve got too much defamation to deal with. A better solution would be an online reputation management (ORM) service equipped with pioneer technology to nip negative content from every corner of the web, such as Massive’s ORM solution.

Promote positive content

Whether it’s through social networking, running a company blog or exchanging emails with clients, positive content strategy & development will help give your brand a positive image. When it comes to cleaning up your reputation, the more positive image you promote on industry blogs, forums, and other sites, the number of positive occurrences of your organization will occur.

However, corporations that don’t have specific departments for reputation management can only promote positive content to an extent. That is why there may be a need to partner with an ORM company that specializes in media outreach, content placement and PR to create positive press that you can use online. The more citations and positive press you can get the better.

Take legal action

Online defamation could be in the form of any libel that harms your company reputation. This could be a website, an article, a malicious blog, a video or a discussion that has been created to harm reputation. On a legal scale, this may also include any publication which was posted in negligence. Many such defamation cases require legal action to access and assure reputation damage & compensation.

Online defamation lawyers can help to clean up instances of libel defamation from public view. However, do not just shop for any legal firm dealing in slander or cyber crime law. Crime law is a new game, so it is important to choose a service that carefully vets and selects online defamation lawyers in the US, UK and Europe.

Diversify your web presence

To remove negative talk and dominate the web, your online presence should be spread out among your corporate website, related blogs, and social media networks such as Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. Be realistic though, as you might not be able to dominate every web channel with a positive image for your company.

Positive web presence takes a lot of time to achieve and manage. To speed up the process, there is the option to partner with a solution provider that takes a proactive digital approach in solving reputation crisis and promoting positive reputation. Such service providers will actively assist you in building digital content assets over different web channels and promote the best image of your company.


When you look at the initial reputation audit, pay attention to any content that you control, influence or own, but haven’t optimized. Do you see any opportunities to add something positive that would make customers share your content? Are you making modifications and removing things that led to criticism from customers? You might not need to invest in new content every time.

Also, pages that are third-party owned can also be identified and optimized by contacting the site owner. Something positive about your company can be shared on social media or the author of the write up can be contacted to write something more positive about your company.

These measures are not going to be quick fix, and unless you take professional ORM services, it may take months to clean up your reputation on the internet. But do take the time required as a reminder to never let this happen again.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.