[Timeline] October 2013, High Profile Cyber Attacks

Media Division | November 8, 2013

Hackmeggedon, a private blog which collects statistics and tracks cyber attacks from around the world, released an informal report late last month. Listing the highest profile cyber attacks from around the world in October 2013 and showing the frequency and capabilities of cyber attackers.

Note: Many of the statistics of the amount of records and data dump quantities have increased since new reports emerged in November.

You will see the primary target is data. The most common reason for cyber data theft has been found to be:

  • Ego – showing the capabilities of a hacker group
  • To use as a warning against political or corporate motions
  • Blackmarket trading of consumer data for use in targeting, personal data mining and further hacking
  • Credit card and financial fraud


Image source: Hackmageddon

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