Can the Dark Web Affect Your Company?

Media Division | October 23, 2013

Deepnet, Undernet, the Invisible Web or the Hidden Web. Any name we pick for it, the concept is the same. An enormous amount of communication, data, and content lurks under the open Web and remains invisible and untraceable for the most of us.

The Deep Web is not a legend or something unproven. It is an underground Internet, hidden from search engines and standard browsers, where many types of illegal activities are carried out everyday.

How big is it?

Anand Rajaraman from Kosmix (a Deep Web search engine) says that the open web “is the tip of the iceberg”. Most of the content of the Dark Web is dynamically generated and not retrievable by standard search engines. It is a totally different magnitude, and estimates carried out at the University of California report the so-called “surface web” is less than 0.1% of the total internet.

The Wiki page on the “Deep Web” gives a very clear picture of the structure of this network.

What do people do in the Dark Web?

What is that people actually do on the Deep Web? Although we can’t assume everything happening there is illegal, many users exploit anonymity to:

  • share illegal content such as child porn, copyrighted materials and more
  • transfer sensitive information (corporate espionage)
  • plan and execute cyber attacks to companies and government bodies

A source of threat

The cost of security breaches and other cyber threats ranges in the hundreds of billions per year worldwide. Sensitive data breaches, malware, online identity theft and cyber attacks are just some of the common events that menace the stability and the business of medium and large companies all over the world.

Standard web and social media monitoring cannot cope with the size of these potential threats, coming from a hidden source where illegal behaviour is less likely to be detected and taken care of.

How to monitor the Dark Web

As the early signs of cyber attacks can be traced back to anonymous communications in the Deep Web, a complete risk prevention system has to deal systematically with any type of content related to the brand in question.

A global cyber surveillance and monitoring platform like Massive’s Strixus allows companies of any size to enjoy complete security and protection, because any type of suspicious activity can be detected immediately. Strixus early warning system means that the correct strategies can be put into place to fight any type of threat. The Deep Web is carefully monitored 24/7 to make sure that your company is 100% safe.

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