The Cost of Security Breaches for Corporations [Infographic]

Media Division | October 15, 2013

The cost a security breach implies for large corporations and government bodies is often underrated. Tens of billions are lost each and every year because of hacker activities, malware and other cyber threats.

A security breach can be defined as

one of the earliest stages of a security attack by a malicious intruder, such as a hacker, cracker or nefarious application. Security breaches happen when the security policy, procedures and/or system are violated. Depending on the nature of the incident, a security breach can be anything from low-risk to highly critical (Techopedia)

Data breach leads to loss of unprotected, sensitive data which can end up being very negative for all the parties involved let alone causing instability amongst shareholders or investors. Additional statistics show very similar losses across the UK and Europe.

In this infographic by Druva, it is clear that we are facing a rising statistic in cyber crime.


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