Cyber Crime is Evolving, Experts Say

Media Division | October 14, 2013

Cyber crime and the so called “dark web” are constantly evolving according to Andy Archibald, head of the UK’s National Cyber Crime Unit. In the expert’s opinion, criminal activities are being carried out via new methods in order to keep up with new cyber security standards.

Illegal web marketplace Silk Road was recently shut down, but online anonymity services like Tor are improving themselves daily to escape cyber controls, making identification of its users increasingly difficult and lengthy investigations needed. According to Mr Archibald, a strong focus on cyber threat evolution is necessary to deal effectively with the menace.

The National Cyber Crime Unit reported its first conviction (Olukunle Babatunde used phishing to defraud financial institutions), but as Sun Tzu used to put it in his “Art of War”, it is essential to “Know yourself, know your enemy”.

The situation

Cyber threats, hackers and the techniques they use are ever-evolving. Every day we see new locations cropping up which host discussion for cyber attacks and black market activity. Paralleling this is the constant evolving security measures corporations have to put into place. What was an effective defense yesterday may not be tomorrow.

In order to better prevent security threats, cyber surveillance and an early warning are one important step for companies and government bodies which want to minimise risks. Massive’s Intel platform aims to monitor and identify threats on the public and “dark web”, all in real time, so that the most effective defense can be planned and executed.

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