What Users Actually Do When They Search Your Name on Google

Brook Zimmatore | September 27, 2013

Your Digital Wall matters more than you think in terms of reputation, recognition and business goals. You may already know that Google page 1 is your real visit card, and you may have already taken some steps in taking care of your online reputation. But there’s something you may not know yet: where will users click when they search your name on Google? How will they choose among the available search results that show up after they hit Enter?

Only one page rules

Chitika recent study reports a simple truth: more than 90% of users will not go to the second page of search results. Here at Massive we pay special attention to this, as we make sure that our clients’ first page profile reflects the brand and the image the company wants to project. Here the graphics I’m referring to:


The king of clicks

Needless to say, not all results on page 1 will get the same amount of clicks. The first result gets 33% of clickthrough. This is important because a huge amount of clicks will go to the first result for your target keyword, so this single page and the overall SEO strategy need to take this account when planning a reputation strategy. Take a look at Chitika report on Traffic by Google position:


When a quick look is enough…

You may think that taking care of your first few search results is enough to prevent any type of reputation damage. Well, what we’re looking at here is clickthrough and traffic. Unfortunately, sometimes a quick look is enough, and negative titles and/or snippets about your brand can actually impact your reputation more than anything else. Somebody might be googling the name of several competitors in the same industry and judge you according to false information on you, your product or service.

Although there’s still a big focus on the higher section of the search results, eye-tracking studies show that the average user still looks at most of the first page result snippets:


Is your Digital Wall accurately representing you and your brand? Have you taken any step in improving your current online image?

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.