A Social Media Monitoring Guide by CIPR

Brook Zimmatore | July 29, 2013

What do people think about you? Wouldn’t it be great to know it? Social media is probably the best platform to monitor sentiment and quickly understand which decisions to make and what to change in your company, brand or product.

The UK’s Chartered Institute of Public Relations has recently published a social media monitoring guide that can be useful for many PR and reputation management professionals looking for the best practices to implement their campaigns. In order to achieve real business and organisational goals, a clear understanding of how to monitor what’s being said about your (or your client’s) brand is essential.

What does it talk about? This useful guide will show you:

  • why you should monitor social media
  • what the best monitoring tools are
  • how to create monitoring workflows

Here some great quotes from the guide.

On clear objectives:

When starting your social media monitoring journey, create clear objectives by looking at overall business objectives and departmental goals.

On impact:

An often ignored element of social media monitoring is the assessment ofimpact. Amid all the online noise one important thing is to clarify, quantitatively and qualitatively, just how influential the noise is.

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CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.