How to Remove a Rip-Off Report Posting

Nadia Munno | May 3, 2013

Remove Ripoff Report

It seems that the founder and creator of the website Rip-Off Report has succeeded well in ripping off many good businesses and individuals.

There are many, many, many websites that allow you to post online reviews, to post reports on scams, frauds, etc. Yet none seem as insidious, as damaging, as so utterly and completely toxic as Rip-Off Report. For whatever reason, the Internet Gods (aka Google), seem to value Rip-Off report as one of its most reliable sites on the order of trusted sites as Wikipedia, the NY Times, etc.

It doesn’t matter if the Rip-Off Report is fact or fiction; reports on this site have a way of creeping up the Google rankings, often onto page 1 and sometimes near the top of that page. If you are one of the unfortunate victims of an Internet defamation attack and someone has gone ahead and posted some bunk about you on, to you I extend my condolences.

It would not surprise me if, as you are reading this, you have already labored hard, perhaps even expended large sums in an attempt to get rid of that listing or push it down the rankings. You may have even had some limited success, but my bets are that the report is still there, still ranking fairly well and is hurting your business.

Don’t follow the rabbit

Before you listen to any Online Reputation Management company or SEO specialist tell you they can get the listing removed or pushed down, I strongly urge you to ask for a “guarantee” or payment on result only. And if they tell you that they will guarantee it, then ask them to put that in writing in their contract. And if they put it in writing in their contract make sure the contract is worded to your satisfaction including a crystal clear money-back guarantee if the listing is not pushed down to Google page 3 or lower.

And if you have found a company that will stand behind their word then use them by all means and let me know if they are successful.

Back in ancient Greece, a fellow by the name of Diogenes walked the streets carrying a lantern supposedly “looking for an honest man.” I’ve been walking the internet and online reputation world for a while now looking for an honest online reputation management company. If you find one who can accomplish this feat, they should be deified indeed.

Ripoff Arbitration means exactly what it says — a ripoff

Before I forget, I would also steer clear of using Rip-Off Reports own arbitration system to remove a posting on their site. If you look at their website they promote such a system. Study their description of the service and how exactly they will “remove” the rip-off report listing. They charge quick a buck for it and it’s an even greater scam.

Having said all this, there is something that can be done about it. Yes, yes there is. And it has been done before, many times. You truly can remove such a listing.

It is not a fast solution and it isn’t necessarily “cheap” though truthfully despite the expense is in fact a lot less than any quotes you might get from an online reputation firm.

The only proven solution to date

Though I will admit our team HAS had success in pushing down ripoff report complaints, the reason Massive doesn’t like to offer the demotion or removal of ripoffreport complaints is because it is unpredictable. At Massive we like to provide our clients with services we know will benefit them — every time.

One of the solutions to removing a Rip off Report listing is in the hands of a good Online Defamation attorney. The Internet Gods at Google and Yahoo do listen to orders from the courts to remove such postings even if the website owner doesn’t. Google will remove the link to the Rip-Off Report listing from its search result so that it will never show up again on search.

You need the right attorney for this, who is experienced in internet law. He or she should have some proven results in dealing with internet defamation and preferably Rip-Off Report specifically.

View Online Reputation Management 

We have formed a relationship with such attorneys and can connect you with one. There is no financial gain to us in you doing so, we’re an Online Reputation Management firm and benefit from you using our services. In the interest of seeing our clients succeed we know how to get a result and when we know that your case should be in the hands of an experienced Internet Defamation lawyer then we help our clients with that.

There is hope. Rip-Off Report postings have been removed from the Search engines. Only a small handful of lawyers and attorneys know internet law well enough to be successful at this. If you want a lifeline, we can connect you to an attorney who is an Internet Defamation specialist.

Concurrent with that battle, there is plenty you can do in the way of optimization, in the way of SEO and in the way of online reputation management to further bolster your position. We can help you with that too.

Co-founder & President
Nadia is the President and co-founder of Massive Alliance. She is an international figure in reputation management and is best known for her rolodex of media influencers.