The Components Of A Good Online Reputation

Nadia Munno | April 15, 2013

Today, I thought I would share the essential components of a good online reputation with you.

Have a strong online presence.

This is accomplished by having a user friendly and informative website, social profiles, business profiles and perhaps a good blog. Any business must be able to communicate and promote their products and/or services on multiple online channels. A good youtube channel explaining what the business does and offers is definitely another good way to reach a much broader audience. Videos are being indexed by Google and, if well optimised, can be a good source of potential clients. So the first step for any good business is a strong online presence which clearly promoted and displays its products and services.

Build a following or fan base.

This is vital. Any good, reputable and longstanding business can agree with this simple but important factor: A business must have a client base collection. This, nowadays, is in the form of fans, followers and newsletter subscribers. Often neglected, this simple step alone can determine the success of a business — or its failure.

When all else fails you have your loyal customers. Treat them well, cherish them, talk to them don’t ever let them down and they will be your friends forever. They obviously have an interest in you, your image, your products and services, now is up to you to establish a long lasting relationship with them. Talk to each one of them at least once a week, whether with an email, a tweet or a weekly newsletter. Love your fan base, your clients and your followers and continue to expand your list.


As a business you must communicate and answer questions, handle clients’ demands and offer solutions. Whether in good times or the bad. This can serve you well and if you build solid relationships you will have won the people.

From the moment you start interacting and producing, there will always be someone who criticises or is bent to create some form of trouble. It happens to the best of us, it cannot be avoided BUT when a business has a generous amount of fans, followers and loyal buyers, they will be your strongest form of defence.

Success, good service and a loyal fan base can get you out of trouble and can end up being your army in an online battle! So it can never be stressed enough build strong and long lasting relationships with your clients and continue to expand your army!

Be ethical.

Lastly (this should really be first), be ethical in your business and relationships. Nothing else can be more powerful than a clean conscience. Whatever the business, whatever your situation, set a moral standard for your staff and executives and enforce ethics and good business practice within your company. This is the ultimate protection against public attacks. A business which practices ethically and cares for its customers genuinely while constantly delivering impeccable service and products will be very hard to strike down. This doesn’t mean that mistakes are not bound to occur, it means one takes responsibility and acts ethically about them without dropping the ball and falling into a trap.

Good luck with your online reputation!

Co-founder & President
Nadia is the President and co-founder of Massive Alliance. She is an international figure in reputation management and is best known for her rolodex of media influencers.