A Visual Guide to ORM: What’s Missing?

Brook Zimmatore | March 21, 2013

In their Ultimate Guide to Monitoring Your Online Reputation, Trackur guys show us what are the main ingredients in identifying and achieving major online reputation management goals.

The world of ORM is so vast it’s literally impossible to cover every aspect in a single presentation, but this guide does a great job in structuring the whole process in 7 simple steps:

  • Identify your reputation
  • Quantify your audience
  • Understand your goals
  • Specify your needs
  • How will you monitor?
  • Who will monitor the conversations?
  • How will you react?

What’s missing: Emergency Online Reputation Management

This visual guide offers a comprehensive account of ORM for big companies in a relatively calm setting, i.e. in a situation where nothing disruptive has happened and the company just wants to equip with better tools to analyse conversations from their audience and consequently improve their products, customer experience and reputation.

On the other hand, many companies face ORM from an “emergency” point of view. They might be suffering huge losses due to defamation coming from

  • illegal hate sites
  • online reviews containing false information
  • online attackers

What will you do in these cases? Here at Massive we add a range of services which go beyond the general “monitoring” scope of ORM, namely those related to online investigations, legal liaison, SEO strategies and content removal, which represent a big portion of what companies of all sizes need nowadays to protect and restore their online reputation.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.