How to Bury Negative Google Results

Brook Zimmatore | March 20, 2013

Here is a quick guide for marketing departments, techies or individuals to assist in burying negative search results on Google. Do keep in mind that the effectiveness of these actions will be determined by 1. the effort you are able to put into it and 2. The SEO and value of the site hosting the negative content.

Most reputation companies only have a 30-60% success rate on heavy defamation or negative result cases. Massive has a 90-100% results portfolio. But still, simple cases can usually be done by an internal team or yourself.

First and foremost — determine the keywords you need to clean and stick these on your wall  in front of you. This may also help cleanup google autosuggest.

Setup social network accounts for personal or business. Ensure you have original content on each, upload images and content. Fill in your profile in full.

Social networks will almost always climb to the top of the search results for the specific keyword/name/brand it is titled with. Make sure you choose your titles wisely.

Register as many blogs as you feel you or your team can manage. Use different platforms for each.

Using your keyword list, name your blogs accordingly and intelligently. Work out interesting angles to each of the subjects and start!

Fill your social networks and blogs with content as often as possible.

An unused blog or social network will eventually fall. Google will note usage frequency for their ranking algorithm. Post frequently.

Ask business partners/colleagues for single page profiles on their websites

Whether it is just a “recommended company” page or a small profile about your brand or firm, every little bit helps. Having the keyword you are trying to clean up mentioned on multiple sites can be powerful.

Submit press releases and guest blogs.

Making sure your press releases or guest articles (or at least your author signature) includes the keyword(s) you want to protect, this has some link-back value. Provide great content and well-researched blog articles and you will benefit.

Have an extreme case of negative Google results?

If you are experiencing a heavy defamation attack or had an internal issue which resulted in a spew of negative reviews, then we are just an email or call away. Massive can resolve the most extreme negative search conditions.

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook Zimmatore is the Co-Founder & CEO at Massive.