How to detect infiltration within your company

Media Division | March 17, 2013

Though it may sound so very 007-ish, corporate espionage and infiltration is more common than one might think. Here are some symptoms to look out for which may indicate that you have been infiltrated.

  • Sudden drop in client demand
  • Staff upsets internally, fights or just a lower mood
  • Indications of internal matters showing up outside the firm
  • Clients “moving” to competitors out of the blue
  • Sensitive information leaks
  • Opposing legal teams knowing about internal affairs

Espionage is a strategy which has been around for thousands of years. The method of infiltration can vary but it invariably has one goal – the destruction of your firm.

How to locate an infiltrator

To locate the source of the problem you have to think like the infiltrator. What would they be doing? Are they hiding out and quiet? Are they stirring things up around the office? Do they constantly ask about executive matters or matters relating to security? Do they frequently use personal emails or software designed to block browser history? Do they take frequent breaks away from the office? What is their general attitude towards the executives or firm?

By asking yourself these questions you can then launch an investigation, using a very simple, but effective, data collection technique.

Put all your “indicators” of an infiltrator down on paper as questions like this:

We have noticed instances of upset and turmoil within the office. In addition to this, sensitive information was found online by a member of IT. We are asking that you are as honest and detailed as possible with each of the following questions. Use extra paper if needed.

  1. Has any member of staff been spreading rumors about others?
  2. Have you noticed any suspicious computer activity from a member of staff?
  3. Has anyone been taking frequent breaks fro the office and leaving the premises?
  4. Do you know of any instances where a member of staff has been talking derogatorily about the company executives?
  5. Has anyone been pressuring you for sensitive information with regards to the firms (product or trade secrets)?
  6. etc etc

Once you have collected these, you just need to tally up the names which come up the most and document the information given. Amongst it you will find a name which comes up the most. This is most likely your infiltrator, or at best, the guy causing turmoil within your company.

So when you suspect espionage, infiltration or a security breach. Coax your staff to give up what they know (staff see a lot every day which executives don’t).

Good hunting!

We Can Help

Massive’s cyber forensics division can assist you through the use of data tracing technology to locate infiltrators within your firm. Contact us to discuss your situation.

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