Brook Zimmatore

CEO / Co-Founder
Brook left his computer engineering education early to satisfy his entrepreneurial vision. Launching multiple startups in SEM and programming and capturing trending consumer demand, Brook has brought together digital and forensic leaders from around the world to form a formidable task force in security and brand protection. He now oversees Massive’s global operations and manages all international client relations.

Email | Tel. 813-666-5583

Nadia Zimmatore

President / COO
Nadia has worked in Crisis Management, Reputation Management, Marketing and Media for the last 12 years. Working with top tier agencies as a liaison to media outlets including BBC, SKY and international news agencies and has established ties with global media outlets, publishing locations and ISPs for strategic proactive and defensive strategies.

Email | Tel. 813-666-5583

Julie Ryan

VP Marketing (USA)
Julie Ryan is a Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist and Founder of Isaturn Inc. She is a nationally-known expert on the topic of Data Loss and ID Theft and specialises in Healthcare compliance and enforcement amongst others and operates as point of contact for Strixus product sales and implementation in the US.

Email | Tel. (US) 205.410.0228

Dan Virgillito

VP Media & Communications
Dan oversees Massive’s proactive brand protection strategies. He is a prolific blogger and dedicated follower of Google and social trends. He ensures our client’s message is consistent across all platforms and that strategies are in place to protect and enhance their image.

Email | Tel. 813-666-5583

Our Team

Massive’s technical team is composed of independent analysts and global partners who lead in cyber forensics, mitigation, cyber law, intelligence and automated systems. Leveraging the weight and precision strategies of world-class leaders across multiple facets of security and intelligence, we have opened the door for corporations and governments to execute and implement complex solutions through a single agency.

Tel (UK): 0208-242-4812
Tel (US): 813-666-5583