Nadia Caterina Munno

Co-founder & President

Starting in Italy, Nadia has worked in media relations and PR since 2002 and has established relationships with top-tier outlets such as the BBC, Sky TV, Rai Italy, Cable networks in 6 countries and mainstream media newspapers spanning the USA to Latin America, Germany to the United Kingdom and the Middle East to Africa. With thousands of press and TV negotiations secured in 12 countries, Nadia understands the impact volume required to ensure a solid reputation management and brand control program.

Nadia has become an international figure in reputation management and is best known for her rolodex of media influencers.

10 Ways Nonprofits, Advocacy Groups and Political Campaigns Benefit from Media Monitoring

Nadia Munno / 24 May 2019

The key in any political or non-profit media campaign is to identify the primary influences that drive voters or donors to vote or reach for their wallets.

The Role of Effective Content Marketing in Public Relations

Nadia Munno / 28 Feb 2019

Despite substantial data to the contrary, there are those that still don’t believe in the use of content marketing. Research has shown that over 80% of customers prefer content marketing over most other forms marketing and yet there are those who object to it.

How Public Relations is Done in 2019 – A Quick Insight into the Present and the Future

Nadia Munno / 11 Feb 2019

Public relations can seem exiting, glamorous and even mysterious. But, in our experience, it pays to keep your story rooted in fact and strongly supported by reliable documentation whenever possible.

The Power of Media Placements in Internet Public Relations

Nadia Munno / 22 May 2018

As a young girl, I always knew who my role models were because they were always being talked about, so they became permanently stuck in my head as my idols. Thinking back now, it wasn’t just people whose names were repeated all the time; there were brands too.

Pay to Remove Reputation Management – How it works

Nadia Munno / 3 Apr 2018

When I first met Gary (Real name changed for privacy reasons) he was in the typical scenario all business owners find themselves in when dealing with a case of internet defamation.

Rihanna vs Snapchat: A Massive Reputation Mistake Which Cost Them Big

Nadia Munno / 20 Mar 2018

Snapchat reportedly just lost $800 million because of a singular ad that ran on their platform. Ouch. Obviously, no company is exempt from mistakes or PR failures––but this took it to some new lows. Online reputation management is an art, let’s look at how they failed this semester’s class:

How to Get Press Contacts and Pitch a Journalist in Today’s Digital Age

Nadia Munno / 19 Feb 2018

I have numerous press and Journalist contacts that I work with. I’ve screwed up my fair share of pitches––believe me. However, I have weathered the storm and pushed through to build my database over time.

When it Comes to Your Brand, The Little Things Matter

Nadia Munno / 14 Feb 2018

People tend to ignore their online reputation, it’s a mistake. We truly live in an age where consumers own brands. People associate their online or company reputation with something else.

Travel Influencer Marketing: A New Age of Travel Consumers

Nadia Munno / 12 Feb 2018

Modern consumers make most of their travel and hospitality/hoteling choices based on online reviews or articles and so the online reputation of businesses in the travel industry matter more than ever before.

The Modern Guide to Transmedia Strategies

Nadia Munno / 22 Dec 2017

Transmedia means ‘ the use of many different media platforms to tell a similar story’. Transmedia is the modern day response to the enormous shifts in the way we talk with our consumer base and to attract new customers.

Budgetary Review of What Cyber Attacks Have Cost US Enterprises in 2017

Nadia Munno / 16 Oct 2017

Fiber optics spread like a fishing net across the Atlantic Ocean. Armored and weighted, they connect to the Somalian capital […]

What Are Russian Election Hackers After?

Nadia Munno / 1 May 2017

Speculating about the purposes of any hacking group is just that, speculation.  However, now that Russian hacker interference has been […]

Security Breaches: The Real Damage They Can Do to Brand Reputation

Nadia Munno / 18 Jan 2017

Your brand sets you apart from competitors.  It’s what potential clients and customers think of when they hear your company […]

You’re Banned: What Criteria Should Determine a Cyber Threat on Social Media

Nadia Munno / 7 Dec 2016

The boundary of what is considered acceptable and what is not acceptable within the realm of social media tends to […]

Internet Surveillance is Controversial When in Untrusted Hands

Nadia Munno / 17 Oct 2013

The primary issue on the topic of internet surveillance is probably not that it exists, but how it is used and by whom. As we edge towards 2014 we see a Big Brother system in place far beyond Georg Orwell’s wildest dreams.

Online Defamation UK: Solutions & Strategy

Nadia Munno / 9 May 2013

Though Massive’s clients are scattered across the globe, this article turns our eyes to the UK. Much like the USA, the United Kingdom has laws which protect freedom of speech and thus, online hate speech.

How to Remove a Rip-Off Report Posting

Nadia Munno / 3 May 2013

It seems that the founder and creator of the website Rip-Off Report has succeeded well in ripping off many good businesses and individuals.

Do Online Reputation Management Companies Over Promise?

Nadia Munno / 2 May 2013

When talking about online reputation management companies, It might be a bit aggressive here to throw out the word “scam” in my description. Perhaps rephrasing this as “poor service” or “over promising without guarantee” would be more fitting.

No One is Immune to an Online Defamation Campaign

Nadia Munno / 20 Apr 2013

Recent news of foul play within discussion forums highlights the fact that any business whether the small mom and pop shop, or a multi-million conglomerate could be the target of an online defamation campaign. And just as equally they can be the source of such an attack on their competitors.

The Components Of A Good Online Reputation

Nadia Munno / 15 Apr 2013

Today, I thought I would share the essential components of a good online reputation with you.

How to remove Google autocomplete suggestions

Nadia Munno / 1 Apr 2013

Google’s Autocomplete suggestions is a fantastic tool for find what you want and even giving you new ideas for things you may not have thought of looking for. But but in terms of defamation and online reputation, Google autocomplete can also become your worst enemy.