Brook Zimmatore

CEO / Co-Founder

As co-founder and CEO of Massive Alliance, Brook is known for enhancing and protecting the reputations of some of the world’s best known brands. Drawing on 17 years of experience, Brook personally advises C-suite executives, board members and key stakeholders on implementing effective solutions to deter and mitigate adverse events. From cyber security breaches to leadership changes, regulatory investigations and contentious litigation, Brook expertly guides clients to build proactive solutions to minimize impact and remove the aftermath of a crisis or disinformation to reestablish the most valuable asset: trust.

Brook grew Massive Alliance organically from a small London firm to a robust, 35+ employee reputation management and international PR company, now actively servicing clients in 19 countries.

Massive launches exclusive solutions for Nigerian Corporate Communications & Executive teams

Brook Zimmatore / 24 Jun 2020

Massive has increased its presence in Nigeria and Ghana and have launched new service opportunities available to African organisations and […]

Your Business & the Contagion of Hysteria

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Over the past 8 weeks we have seen the world become engulfed in an unprecedented understanding that an impending threat […]

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7 Ways to Improve Your Image and Avoid a Bad Reputation

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The statistics are truly startling — a bad reputation can cost a company up to 90% of its revenue. Since a […]

The 3 Parts of Google Every Brand Should Have Control Of

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While competitors like Bing and Duck Duck Go have made some inroads, Google is still the dominant force in the […]

10 Reputation Management Statistics Every Business Should Know

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Reverse Search Engine Optimization – How to Use it to Your Benefit

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The Ultimate Guide for Businesses During COVID-19

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The human toll of the COVID-19 virus has been truly devastating, with hundreds of thousands of infections and tens of […]

Mainstream media outlets are begging for industry experts like you — here’s why

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Access to media authorship is difficult and uncharted. In 2020, you would think that the code to accessing and using […]

The new roaring 20s of Brands

Brook Zimmatore / 8 Jan 2020

Every brand should reach for unprecedented exposure, reach, and communication over the next decade.

The power of Google News and what your website needs to do to harness it

Brook Zimmatore / 25 Nov 2019

Google News is arguably the leading source of information in the world. Here’s how to leverage it.

What Reputation Management Can and Can’t Do For Your Business

Brook Zimmatore / 11 Sep 2019

Reputation management companies specialize in finding and addressing this false and misleading information. Through a variety of channels, these companies work to have erroneous information removed.

5 Great Benefits Leadership Branding Brings to an Integrated SEO Campaign

Brook Zimmatore / 9 Sep 2019

Used wisely by a clued-up marketer and executive, it can provide many exceptional benefits as part of an integrated search engine optimization campaign.

Reverse Search Engine Optimization (SEO) And Reputation Management

Brook Zimmatore / 27 Aug 2019

Four in five consumers search for businesses on Google before engaging with them. Your online reputation now dominates marketing ROI.

Leadership Branding: 8 Easy Steps To Become An Executive Influencer

Brook Zimmatore / 22 Aug 2019

It’s not just social influencers who are leveraging the strength of social media. Today we see industry executives assuming the role as influencers as a key strategy to shape brands and trends.

Couple Executive Presence And Mindfulness Builds Leadership Qualities

Brook Zimmatore / 4 Jun 2019

Executive presence is the spirit that wafts into the room alongside a good boss. It is the air of leadership, confidence, and authority embodied by someone in full command of their executive prowess.

The 3 Stories of Branding: How to Find Your Brand’s Unique Value

Brook Zimmatore / 6 May 2019

“Authentic brands don’t emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does.”

How Google Search Results Shape, and Sometimes Distort, Public Opinion – and Why You Should Care

Brook Zimmatore / 3 May 2019

In the age of the internet, a single negative event can define an individual or business.

Donald Trump: How Ignoring All Reputation Management Rules Has Kept His Following Strong

Brook Zimmatore / 25 Feb 2019

Reputation is everything for brands, businesses and celebrities alike. This is what sets them apart from their competitors. It can be equated to goodwill with consumers and is a valuable, intangible asset.

The limits of reputation management: a case study of Johnson & Johnson

As someone who helps both individuals and companies with reputation management, I gravitate towards stories that have serious implications for companies, brands, and people.

How Hackers Take Advantage of a Crisis

While people are focused on maintaining their physical and fiscal health, there’s another threat they’re likely not considering — a digital one.

How to Create a Culture of Integrity with a Remote Team

Establishing a culture that emphasizes integrity means that each team member shares in a sense of mutual trust and accountability.