Massive Alliance was formed in London, England in 2012 after the initial observation of a gaping hole in organizational advanced threat intelligence and digital risk. This came down to the general inability to predict and mitigate a threat before it becomes a crisis.

Today, headlines are filled with cyber malpractice, zero-days, exploits, exfiltration and data breaches. The breakthroughs in decryption, digital data collation and machine learning have, in effect, been inversed and are engineered towards cyber crime and turned on the public at large.

Massive’s purpose is to level the playing field by giving corporations and private entities the ability to monitor and protect their own assets and/or brand with the same effective techniques previously only available to government. 

To do this we had to understand the intelligence weaknesses and resolve the challenge of each critical threat vector into one effective managed service. Next, we defined where the ‘earliest beginning’ occurred on a successful breach, bypassing even the most sophisticated firewalls and advance endpoint products.

Today, our clients use MassiveIntel™ – the largest repository of external threat intelligence available.

  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • Threat Actor Chatter Interception
  • Data Breach & PII/SPI Notification
  • Malware Analysis & IOCs
  • Zero-Day Intelligence
  • Global Risk Scoring Algorithm
  • Botnet Raw Data Interception
  • Accurate TTP Descriptions & IOCs
  • Global Event Reporting
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Seamless Ingestion through API or SIEM Partners

And finally, the ability to attribute all of the above modules with every other single incident or body of data.

Massive has active operations on every Continent in banking, healthcare, government, education, retail, telecomm, sports, mining and energy.

As technology evolves we have seen the threat landscape grow increasingly ferocious with it. It is only a natural progressive course that Massive’s strengths have formed out of these advancements.

Brook Zimmatore
CEO / Founder at Massive