Massive was formed from the initial observation of a gaping hole in corporate security and brand protection – The inability to predict and mitigate a threat before it becomes a crisis.

Today, headlines are filled with malpractice of government surveillance tools. Used unethically, the breakthroughs in decryption, digital data collation and advanced language recognition have, in effect, been turned on the public at large. These great leaps in technology could, with only what is available today, save billions in cyber crime and in some cases turn around the economic instability of a nation. Massive’s purpose is to level the playing field by giving corporations and private entities the ability to monitor and protect their own assets and/or brand with the same effective techniques previously only available to government. To do this we had to combine three unique skill-sets into one operational task force.

  1. Early prediction on cyber threats, impending brand damage or data breaches. The system would have to cover everything, from the ‘dark web‘ to all active public domains. This was accomplished with Strixus.
  2. Next, the formation of an effective Cyber Task Force who could effectively mitigate those threats. Massive’s Cyber Task Force is composed of leading cyber defence specialists which will assist you in cyber investigations,  brand control, shutting down phishing operations or tracing back criminal rings through digital forensics; all pointed towards giving you the upper hand in the unpredictable world of the internet.
  3. Ground-intelligence. Leveraging a global network of affiliated intelligence groups and government organisations, Massive uses human analysis against a global intelligence database to decipher the most intricate criminal interconnections, operations and corporate foul-play.

Today, we have active operations on every Continent and have supplied Advanced Warning to over 2.4 million cyber threats to corporations in banking, healthcare, retail, telecomm, sports, mining and energy.

As technology evolves we have seen the threat landscape grow increasingly ferocious with it. It is only a natural progressive course that Massive’s strengths have formed out of these advancements.

Brook Zimmatore
CEO / Founder at Massive


Cyber Task Force

Our in-house Cyber Task Force takes cyber brand protection to a new level. Standing a dozen strong and composed of world leading forensic specialists, arbitrators and mitigation experts. We have placements in the US, UK and Asia.

Digital Shadows®

Digital Shadows is an award-winning data mining agency with a blend of expertise and technology. Assisting Massive to enable organisations to exploit social, cloud and mobile technologies while keeping their security and reputations intact.


Cyber Security and Brand Protection may ultimately lead to legal expertise being required. With strategic alliances with the top cyber law professionals in the UK, Europe and the US, Massive has tightly integrated auxiliary services to accomplish our goals.

Cyber Risk Alliance (CRA)

Massive is a member of the international Cyber Risk Alliance; an invitation-only group formed of 25 global agencies in cyber security, government intelligence, IT, testing, systems and legal – each a pillar within the alliance to provide rapid support in a diverse industry.